What is CARED?

CARED is a free mobile application that let users send alert to their family or disaster management center, on any disaster or safety related events. Collected information from CARED users help us to predict disaster damage and to assist a fast and better emergency aid planning for victims.

CARED Features

Safety Confirmation

Report status & actual condition of CARED users to their family via email. Equipped with 'add comment' and 'upload pictures' to give more detailed description. Report will send via Email (using Android Apps/iOS) or SMS

Disaster Report : Human Sensor

Report actual status & condition of the area affected by the disaster by answering questions in CARED apps. Report will be sent to CARED back end system to be analyzed in more detail

Safety Guidance

Useful informations and tips in dealing with a variety of disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, epidemics, etc

News Update

News and articles related with disaster and safety topic. This feature can be used as media for government/ institution to socialize disaster and safety program to society. News Update contains Disaster Mark information

Panic Button

A special button for emergency situation. CARED user is able to report unsafe condition to registered contact via email, as a standard report or with voice message. User may record voice message with a maximum duration of 10 seconds.

Download CARED for Free!

You can download CARED from Google Play Store and Apple App Store by scanning QR code bellow